It's a vacation

for your mouth.

See what makes Frozen Coconut so amazing.

What Makes it so Good?

Frozen Coconut gets its creamy flavor and texture from fair trade, organic, raw (flash heated) coconut milk. Frozen Coconut also has more coconut milk and less water than their competitors. For sweetness, 100% Agave syrup is used. And there's just a touch of Canadian Sea Salt to round out the flavors.


Our flavours

Frozen Coconut was created as a delicious frozen dessert that won't make you feel guilty when you go back for more. It's for people who like ice cream and gelato. It's for health nuts and organic gurus and fast food fans too. It's for vegans and vegetarians and omnivores of all ages. It was made for people who demand quality and good taste. In other words, it was made for you.

Classic Coconut

Give your mouth a mini tropical vacation.

Chocolate Mint

Tropical coconut and rich chocolate with a cool hint of mint.

Lemon Meringue

Just like mom used to make, except it's not pie.

Mixed Berry

Summertime on a spoon, only better.

Orange Cream

Tastes like a Creamsicle melted in your mouth.


For true chocolate lovers. You won't believe there's no dairy.

the frozen coconut story

It's amazing what two cool guys with a great product and lots of energy and ambition can do.

Ryan Geni and Kevin Carta founded Frozen Coconut. Ryan, a vegan, developed a frozen coconut dessert good for diabetics and those with lactose intolerance. It started as a treat for his mother, and then he shared it with his friends. Everyone agreed, you couldn't tell it was good for you and it tasted great!

Meanwhile, Kevin was planning to start up a health oriented food company that was organic, unique, and good for you. He was leaning towards gluten free pasta when Ryan approached him with the dessert. After some convincing, they started selling it at the local farmers' market, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The pair headed off to New York City and graduated with Honors from Ice Cream University. (Malcolm Stogo). Frozen Coconut went from being sold at a small Saturday market to having six flavors in two sizes, and was picked up by a national retail chain. When they aren't handing out Frozen Coconut at events, they are travelling the country, convincing others to try their product.

"As a chef,
Frozen Coconut gives me the flexibility to give my guests what they want. In today's changing dietary world, everyone can eat it. It's healthier than ice cream and coconut is so good for you. I also love the way the business has grown and how the quality has not changed. I do a delectable icewine float with frozen coconut at the Summerhill Sunset Bistro."

- Executive Chef, Jessee Croy

where to buy

Frozen Coconut guarantees you'll enjoy these tasty treats.
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Frozen Coconut is available at all Nature's Fare locations. Visit them online at

Frozen Coconut is available at select Save-On Foods locations. Ask your store manager about bringing it to a store near you. Visit them online at

Frozen Coconut is available at select IGA locations. Ask your store manager about bringing it to a store near you. Visit them online at

Frozen Coconut is available at all Vancouver and Kelowna Urban Fare locations. Visit them online at

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